Understanding AutoDJ

Hi there,

So I have added my own songs into my playlist and when I went to the AutoDJ and selected “channel” as my playlist and press play, I still see some random songs in the playlist that I have not added. If I search for these songs in my playlist by using the search function, it is not appearing anywhere.

How do I get rid of the songs that I did not add?


I doesn’t have enought information for solve this problem :disappointed_relieved:

  • Other users on your stream can add songs?
  • Did you check that “songs” was allowed on “defauld comands”?
  • The bot says a response that your song was added to de list on the chat?
  • Did you try if the simulation buton “+ Request song” on your AutoDj section works?
  • Is the only comand that doesn’t work?

I never mentioned the song request command. I am talking about that there are songs in the AutoDJ that I have not added to my playlist but they are there.

Hope it makes sense.


AutoDJ has two lists, a queue (a list of content to play powered by you and/or users in chat posting requests for music) and a playlist (a list of backup content to play when the queue is empty). In either of these lists you have content which you can delete from the list.

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