Unable to upload flipped emote due to unlisted duplicate

Hello I’m trying to upload a flipped version of an already existing emote (SaxophoneTime), but some guy already uploaded a flipped version (SaxoTime), but has made it unlisted so no one else can use it. So my flipped version that will be shared can’t be uploaded due to the automatic duplicate detection system. Hope something can be done about this.


Per our policies we do not permit duplicate emotes to be uploaded at this time. I would recommend trying to reach out to the uploader to see if they will mark it as shared.

Fair enough, thought you might be able to delete the duplicate emote and let me upload a version that’s gonna be public. But I’ve tried to message the creator instead, hope he/she responds. Thanks anyways :smile:

Creator responded within a minute and made it public. Messaging them should definitely have been my first option, thought they might have been inactive.
Any way I can mark this post as resolved?

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