Unable to upload Emote - "Your emote is too large"

Hey everyone,

I’m trying desperately to get an emote uploaded for review. It’s a simple emote, I created it in illustrator to exactly 112px by 112px. I try to upload it and it says it’s too large, so I tried making it shrunk by a few pixels which came back with “it’s too small”. I tried lowering the DPI while exporting thinking maybe the file itself was too large - no good. Originally I had heard they needed to be 128px squared, but on the upload page it says 112.

Anybody else encounter this? I really wanna get my emote up and running asap.

Thanks in advance,

could you upload the 112x112 version that is too large to a site like imgur and link it?

Yes I can. I will do it once I get home from work.

Thanks for the quick response Slik.



Here is a link to the image. Deviant art is showing it as being much bigger than 112x112. Any idea why Illustrator would not create an image at 112 when I told it to?


(434x384 to be exact.)

and if the DeviantArt link does not work, here is Imgur:


If you need anything else, please let me know.

That image is 434x384, not 112x112, which is why it’s too large.

Did you read my messages Night?

When exporting your image in illustrator, instead of exporting as png, click the save for web option. On the right side you’ll be able to set the dimension in pixels.

If that doesn’t work, download a tool like GIMP or Paint.net to resize your image.
Also, remember: this is not an Adobe Illustrator support forum, so if you need help with illustrator, don’t be surprised if people don’t help you.

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