Unable to Link Discord server

Hi! I get the following message when trying to link BTTV to my discord:

“Heh. Sorry, but your account is not eligible to link Discord. You must be a partnered Twitch broadcaster, have 1,000 Twitch followers, or stream an average of 3 times per week with at least 15 viewers.”

I do have 1200+ followers and stream 3x a week, normally to between 15 - 30 viewers (been on break the last couple of weeks for the holidays). I’ve tried clearing my cache and disabling adblock, but i still get this error. My channel does meet the numerical requirements. Is there something I’m missing?


Have you tried linking in incognito mode? Sometimes there are session-related issues when pulling metadata on login.

Yes. I’ve tried Incognito, as a guest user, on an alternate google account, and on several different computers. Tried in Firefox, as well.

This should be fixed now.

Thanks for the reply. Now, I can get to the “Connect Discord to BetterTTV” window, but when I select my server and click Authorize, it returns to the “Connect Discord to BetterTTV” screen and doesn’t connect.

I’ve tried it on different PC’s, incognito mode, and in both Chrome and Firefox.

That’s weird, since it works locally.

Got it! I ended up logging into another user profile in Chrome, re-added the BTTV extension, and was able to connect successfully.

Thanks for your help!!!

I’m having the same problem, I have 1020 followers on Twitch but can’t connect it to bttv, I’ve tried the same as @beerbong_ginn but could not fix it, is there a way to fix it?

There are no bugs with the current system as-is. If it doesn’t let you link then you are not eligible. Come back when you’re a more established streamer.

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