Unable To Install The BetterTTV Add-On For FireFox

I’m unable to install the BetterTTV add-on for FireFox, Every time I keep getting a pop-up saying “This add-on could not downloaded because of a Connection Failure.” I already tried disabling Malwarebytes and paused ESET NOD32 and it didn’t solve it. Can anyone help please? I’m not that knowledgeable with in depth computer stuff.

A connection failure issue means something on your computer is preventing the download. You may need to reach out to the support of the antivirus tools if you’re still having issues.

Everything is ok on your end right, like the problem would only be on my end?

There’s nothing broken on our end. This is a common problem with Firefox users due to antivirus. If you continue having issues I actually recommend swapping to Google Chrome. Firefox is pretty much garbage these days (it’s the modern day Internet Explorer).

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