Unable to hear a specific stream

Hello all,

Not sure what happened, I am a long time BetterTTV user, but out of nowhere as of a few days ago, I am unable to hear a specific stream while BetterTTV is enabled in Chrome. All other streams seem to work fine and I can hear them perfectly. If I disable BetterTTV, I can hear his stream no problem, but as soon as I re-enable it, I can’t hear anything again.

I’ve checked settings and don’t see anything that stands out. Your help is appreciated, as I love this add-in and hope to be able to continue using it.

Thank you,


BetterTTV does not touch Twitch’s video player, so it’s likely not anything to do with BetterTTV. You can try clearing your cookies/cache if your issue persists.

Thank you for the response, I should have followed the “when in doubt reboot” mentality. Rebooting fixed the issue, but it was just so weird that it was only his stream and when BetterTTV was active.

Anyway, if anybody else experiences this, reboot your computer and you should be good to go.


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