Unable to Authenticate

!title returns cant authenticate with twitches api, tried logging out of nightbot, parting channel and then logging back in, tried just logging out and logging back in, I banned nightbot and un banned it, nothing is working, any help?

Update: The other controls (Ex. !poll all seem to work)

Hey @grayknight_hd!

Please try the following:
• Log out.
• Refresh with CTRL+F5
• Log back in

This didn’t work for me

Okay, then try the following:
• Log out
• Right-click on the reload button
• Click on Empty Cache and Hard Reload
• Log back in

I thought CTRL+F5 would have been enough to clear the cache, hopefully this will work.
If it doesn’t, clear both your cookies and cache manually.

Let me know what worked for you, if anything does, so I can help others down the line.

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This didnt work for me either, logged back in and joined the channel, made sure nightbot was a mod and unignored, tested the !title command and got the same error

And did you try clearing your cookies and cache manually?

I did it through chrome as well, yes

Hmm, okay, thank you!

I’m sorry, but I don’t have the solution right now.
It’s likely linked to the update, so it should resolve itself at some point.
So tomorrow repeat this and see if it’s fixed.

If It starts working for me ill post an update! Thanks anyway

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Please do!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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I am having the same issue also and have tried every bit of help posted. It is failing to connect to the next page after login authentication. I also cannot add commands through my twitch chat currently however, I can type the commands I currently have and they come through just fine.

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As was stated earlier in this thread, authentication was updated and is working normally. If you are unable to login it’s likely due to cached data on your computer. You can try clearing your cookies + cache (from the beginning of time) to address this.