Unable to add some songs from soundcloud

For example

!songrequest https://soundcloud.com/samurajj/tove-lo-moments-samuraii-remix

There was an error requesting the song. Error: Invalid URL

In the AutoDJ settings enable Soundcloud as a provider if you wish to play songs from Soundcloud… With Soundcloud disabled as a provider I get this exact error.

It’s working on most songs tho not sure but could be because the url is too long and it get cuts off from the chat (youtube) so it’s
"!songrequest https://soundcloud.com/samurajj/tove-lo-moments-…"
maybe that’s why nightbot isnt able to add it ?

The SoundCloud URL you provided is not too long for twitch chat, that cannot be the problem.

Have you tried requesting any other songs from SoundCloud in chat and if so, has the same error displayed?

it’s youtube not twitch chat : )

Alright i tried with several other songs from soundcloud and whenever the link was to long it gave the error as stated in the first post.

Also playback stopped after a song from soundcloud played and the next would be from youtube

YouTube Gaming’s chat limits seem to be the problem here. YouTube Gaming has a chat limit of 200 characters, however it also shortens (cuts the ends off of) links longer than 60 characters in length, like you linked above. If the Soundcloud link is shortened in chat, Nightbot does not appear to be able to detect the original link and find the song from Soundcloud. For some reason shortened YouTube links seem to work, not sure why that is. :confused:

I have not been able to find a way to turn this link shortening feature off, so hopefully YouTube allows this to be disabled in future, or Night may be able to do something about it.