Uinable to take control

i notices nightbot was setup in my discord channel but i wasnt able ownership of my setting in my cp on twitch login nor on yt one, i tried kick the bot and no luck to rejoin to Andsim Gaming tv discord ty

If you remove the bot by kicking it, you can login to Discord and re-add your server at https://beta.nightbot.tv/integrations

couldnt at all

In that dropdown you will see the servers where you have the “Manage Server” permission enabled.

You might be logged in with the wrong account, or you lack permissions on the server.

Hmm all i am owner of server i tries every account i hace no luck even yt accounts, yet i am owner in my discord channel only one, Andsim Gaming TV
but i have ur other bot bettertv
image as lookin my server member option in discord

ah found it in image that where it blocking me

some how i login another disciord account not how i did that i make sure i logout and login right one

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