Two Factor Authentication | Invalid Code

Hello , i had to create another seperate account to submit this …
Everytime i go into Nightbot , after i’ve Authorized nightbot to gain access to my Twitch channel , i always get a prompt stating to enter my code from my authenticator app . I dont recall having any authenticator app OTHER than Authy , which i tried inputing all the codes every 20 seconds or so and it always says " Invalid Code "
I HAVE NOT changed devices , still using the same mobile device
I’ve already tried reseting Authy and try disabling TFA on my twitch and see whether the problem is resolved but still no :frowning: NB E

The Auth code isn’t for Twitch. It’s for the Nightbot service, enter the token that was created when setting up 2FA or a backup token from the file that was generated.

My god . then i’ve clearly lost the backup token D:
Is there any way to reset this ? i dont mind losing my nightbot’s data tho , still new

Your going to need to use the Contact Form and choose “Resolve and Account Issue” and make your case.

Alrite cool , thanks a lot Aaron ! <3

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