Two commands, death counter and death output; can add call output after?

Hi, I mod for a stream where we have a !deaths command and a !deathadd command. The commands go:

/me Link has died $(count) times.


edit !deaths Link has met an unfortunate fate $(count) times.

Everything works fine, but we have to call !deathadd to increment, and the output goes something like:

Nightbot: @Saix255 → The command “!deaths” has been edited successfully.

In a perfect world, I would love for Nightbot to Respond with the output of !deaths, but with the newly incremented number. Is there an alias or something I can throw in to make !deathadd call !deaths after I call it? or does that go into the scope of CustomAPI’s. Also if it can be done via chat input that would be awesome, but I can relay it to the streamer if needed to be done via menu. Thanks for checking this out.

Hiya, there is currently no way to change the response text in your example, you can’t call another alias, since !deathadd is already an alias to !commands edit.

You described the solutions yourself, the streamer can set the $(count) value manually from the Nightbot dashboard, this will not trigger a message in chat, but does require extra work.
And there’s the option to setup a customAPI where you store, and edit the counter programatically yourself, you can adjust all the responses as you want, have no response at all, or have both commands combined in one.

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