Twitch's API returned an error. Try again later

Hi, i have this issue in nightbot when i try to use a cmd like !game or !title they gave me this error Twitch’s API returned an error. Try again later. So itried to unmod the nightbot and log in to but i still have the same issue, also i red all the topics to try find a solution . so please can you help

Hey @criss_xc!

It’s unclear what you’ve tried. Have you tried to log out from the dashboard (top right menu), and then log back in?

yeah i did that and i still get the same error , and i red all the topics about that and the fix suggested but nothing worked . What can i do plz !

Okay, if that didn’t work, try to following:

  • log out from Nightbot’s dashboard
  • go to your Connections in your Twitch Settings, and scroll to the bottom
  • under Other Connections, disconnect Nightbot
  • log back in Nightbot’s dashboard

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