TwitchCast Stop-Casting Button

Hey, I’m using TwitchCast on my iPhone and so far it does its job really well. But unfortunately there is no Button to stop casting. I have to go into my YouTube App and disconnect.

I would love to see a stop-casting button.

I added one, so now you should be able to.

Thanks so much! Works great!

Small suggestion:
Right now that button is placed in a modal, so if you close it or close the tab you cant click the button anymore. I just wonder if it’s possible to check if TwitchCast is casting then replace GET CASTIN’ with STOP CASTING?

As far

As far as I’m aware, there’s no way to grab a pre-existing session on page load. You’ll need to leave the modal open if you’re on mobile. On desktop versions of Chrome you can use the extension to stop the cast.

Oww ok, thats fine!

One more question: Is it possible to create a direct link to a twitch stream? I mean, creating a url like ?

That way could create a bookmark and start casting immediately.

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