Twitchcast freeze


first i was very happy that a service like this exists, bought this week a chromecast and want to tell you the stream freezes everytime after some minutes on all streams i try :(. from pc with lan-cable to my wlan-router. tried youtube and that works fine.

but i am still happy cause now i use lakitu on my tablet, that works fine… just wanted to tell and maybe there is a workaround for this happening?

Where are you located in the world? I’m not seeing any bandwidth spikes that should cause this issue.

i am from austria (vienna).

e: tried again just now, stream: trumpsc and freeze after 3 minutes :expressionless:

too bad twitchcast dont works on android then i would have tried it on my tablet, cause maybe its something the router internaly causes when switching traffic from lan (cable) to wlan, but with youtube its working. i am no pro so i really dont know.

It could just be the latency. I do not have an EU server for TwitchCast, so people in the US shouldn’t have issues. I might look into adding a server in the EU sometime.

i just watched a other stream i dont tried before, it was summit1g stream for 20 minutes and no freeze, then changed back to itshafu where i got problems yesterday and that i am now watching for 30 minutes, so its working at least now. :smiley:

oh yes could be a distance problem, didnt know it use own server :slight_smile: respect!

e: ok hafu froze after 30 minutes now :expressionless: maybe i messed too much around in my browser right now (clicked through history to get back here on the forum). when i watch some more streams (dota 2 international next week) and i get at some point what causes the freezes i will let you know :slight_smile:

but 1 more question i have now, could it maybe cause i do things on my pc while watching stream? opening tabs surfing around? should i better go afk while watching?

thank you very much for your help! will go to sleep now.

Once you start casting, you can close the window. Your Chromecast runs the stream on its hardware, and doesn’t need your computer once launched.

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