TwitchCast fails after Step 2/3... like below vvvvv

Firstly… I love TwitchCast having the stream and chat on big screen is the best. Thank you so much for making this as i cannot find any other good option.

Second the problem I’m having is very similar to the below thread “TwitchCast fails after Step 2/3” except for after 2/3 and I click my device, then my tv goes completely black, and then nothing else. I have tried updating chrome on my pc, restarting my chromecast, and the same thing happens. This problem started about a week ago I think and I was hoping is was just something I was doing wrong but nothing I do will make it work. I even tried from a different computer and got the same result.

anyone else having this problem or have a fix?

I just started having this problem too.

great, at least its not just me… well not great but you know misery loves company. :smiley:

Twitch seems to have disabled JSONP on their access token endpoint, which is unfortunate. I added a system to proxy that request instead.

I have no idea what that means but i will thank you none the less. your just awesome for making this app work and for supporting us.

Yep it works like a charm now… and in fact i think it connects quicker, before chat lagged for a fer seconds behind the video loading.

not that it matters to me but 1 difference i see now is there is no 1080p 3.1Mbps instead there is 936p 2.9Mbps.


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