TwitchCast failing after device selection

After selecting the chromecast to cast to it fails, with the chromecast extension saying “Unable to cast to device.”

I just got a chromecast a week or so ago and this app stopped working a few days ago. This was the same time that a livestreamer update was required to after using it for twitch broke.

This looks like similar problems that it’s had in the past, caused by Twitch. Hopefully it’s just as easy to fix. Thanks!

I’m able to use TwitchCast without any issue. Hopefully your issue is fixed. I can’t really suggest any other action, if you can try casting from the twitch mobile app. Thats the best I can recommend.

Well what do you know, it’s working for the first time in a few days. Who knows what the problem was. Thanks!

Sometimes it gets a little wonky. Glad it works!

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