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TwitchCast Audio Studdering at 1080p


When trying to cast a stream that has a 1080p 60fps quality, the audio and starts multiple times per second. The video pauses during the skips as well. When I change the quality to high, it goes away. Also, when streams are at 720p 60fps, there is no issue. Is this a limitation of the hardware, or is there a fix for this?

Windows 10
Google Chrome (fully updated)
2nd gen Chromecast (hockey puck)
Internet download is 60 mb/s
CohhCarnage is the stream I have seen this issue, but I do not think it is limited to his


You may need the 4K Chromecast for 1080p anything to be stable for Twitch. High FPS on 1080 (anything greater than 30fps) generally destroys Chromecast device performance.


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