Twitch variables aren't working for me need help!

Every time I add a twitch variable command like $(twitch username). I test it on the chat for my channel and all that comes up is “channel provided is banned” How am I banned from my own channel? I’m so confused I don’t know how to work any twitch variables. I need help here. I don’t understand how it should look when I’m typing for the command.

What is the entire command you are trying? Instead of putting in the username manually try using $(channel) so it should look like this:

!commands add !twitch $(twitch $(channel))

Try that and let me know what it says.

Ok I’ll give that a try and the command i was using earlier was: !commands add !user $(twitch username)

wait, you were actually putting in the word “username”? it’s there to indicate that you put in the username of the channel

Replacing username with $(channel) will fix that.

oh kk that makes sense now lol thanks for helping me out I think I can get the rest from here