Twitch: ETA on Update to Set Stream Tags?

The API’s have been out for about a year now… any chance we’ll be able to edit stream Tags through commands any time soon? (We have !title and !game, all we’re missing is “!tags”). I’m debating diving down the rabbit hole of custom programming a solution for this myself… but web-related coding is not exactly my specialty…

Alternatively, anyone have any leads on an easy way to add this functionality?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize they released an API for this. I’ll see if we can pull something together, but it looks like you have to specify tags by ID (not name) and they don’t have a query by name method (meaning we have to sync a list of tags and build search)… It looks like Twitch quite literally outsources autocomplete/search when you type a tag on their website to Algolia (lol).

We added !tags today. Check out the docs at

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