Twitch Emotes rendering in msg box

Is there a way to turn this off and just have the words appear in place of the emotes like before? When trying to comment more than a few emotes it takes more time to render the images and slows everything down. Plus makes spamming emotes a lot slower. I’m usually in mod view also which takes up more resources. My pc isn’t the greatest but it’s still pretty good. I’m using Edge browser which is a little speedier over Chrome. Thanks !!

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Or perhaps a new setting for BTTV??

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Hey @0fficial_dave!

The fact that emotes show up is a Twitch feature, not a BetterTTV one.

Replacing the image with text could be a good feature to add to BetterTTV tho’, but for suggestions please open an issue on the GitHub.
I doubt of the feasibility of it—BetterTTV could display the text by getting the alt text, I just don’t think it’ll have any performance impact, unless it can prevent the image loading in the text input—but it’s worth a try.

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