!twitch command

$(touser) has been on Twitch for $(customapi apiserverhere/twitch/channels/ $(touser)?format=[2])

I had it worked when itains or w/e his name was around but his API went down and his threads were closed. Anyone got an updated version of this I can’t find an API that works.

You can try out this API:


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I get Dimmizer has been on Twitch for [Response must be less than 400 characters]

What does your command look like?

$(touser) has been on Twitch for $(urlfetch https://decapi.me/twitch/creation/:user)

Heh nvm I see what I did wrong…

k… need help I switched the command from creation to https://decapi.me/twitch/accountage and it shows the year and months like Dimmizer has been on Twitch for 6 years, 5 months

but when I try to do “!twitch someoneelsesnamehere” it still just brings back 6 years 5 months. I want it to show who I call for.

$(touser) has been on Twitch for $(urlfetch https://decapi.me/twitch/accountage/$(touser))

!twitch ( will show your age)
!twitch username (will show the age of the other user)

How do I get it so that it shows 6 years 5 months instead of Jul 18. 2011 - 03:49:27 PM (UTC)

Oh you confused me by posted a different endpoint earlier, the creation date one :thinking:
I updated my command in my last post, try that one.

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LOL I tried this before and it didn’t work >.< it would just keep displaying my age which is 6 years 5 months. It works now <3

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