Twitch Chat Showing BTTV version of Emote after new Emote added with same name

A channel I frequent recently got Partnership and transferred some of their emotes from BTTV to Twitch, one of which he visually updated and changed slightly. Now, some users are still seeing the old emote version despite being shown the newer version in the Emote menu preview, as shown here the preview (Correct) version is on the left and the displayed version is on the right:

The BTTV version was removed from the channel and this is only occurring when BTTV is enabled. However, clearing cache and uninstalling/reinstalling BTTV has had no effect. I tested the emote by installing BTTV on a fresh browser (Microsoft Edge) and it worked as normal. And as i said earlier, this isn’t affecting all users, but around 50% of them.

Other users have reported this happening on Chrome and Firefox. The emote works correctly in other channels, but not the original channel. The only possible correlation I can think of at this point is I was present in the chat for the first stream that the new emotes were activated and the BTTV version was still showing in the emote menu.

EDIT Turns out that BTTV is using a downscaled version of the 56x56 or 112x112 version of the file which looks different to the 26x26 version.

Any help fixing this would but much appreciated.

To ensure an easy and equal viewing experience, we autoscale emotes down in BetterTTV and disallow people from making custom scaled emotes. Since the emote belongs to Twitch and they do not have our requirement, the emote is displayed differently. The is because the scaling of emotes in chat is dependent on the DPI of your monitor, which we do not control. If you have a high DPI monitor, you will see the 2x or 3x version of the emote, depending on browser zoom and pixel density.

Ahh okay. Thank you very much for your reply!

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