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So whenever I install bettertv in firefox, it works for a couple months, then after a period it doesn’t load the chat for me anymore OR it loads for a few seconds and after that it freezes and I get no new chat messages anymore. It’s really annoying and it happened to me a couple times before. The only real fix for me is to reinstall my whole OS again, install firefox again and then install bettertv. It will work for couple of months and then this issue applies again.

I hope I described the problem clearly.

  • Justin

So I found a fix for it. Disabling the dark theme and gif emotes for a while. then when the chat works enable them 1 by 1.
Really weird but for now it works again.

EDIT: it’s back again…
EDIT2: disabling only the gif emotes makes it work again for now.

I suggest trying to use Chrome instead, as your computer might benefit from the multicore support Chrome offers versus Firefox’s poor rendering engine and single threaded process.

I’ll do that whenever this fails. For now it works perfectly again and the only change I did is as I described above: Disable the GIF emotes.

Now using chrome. Same issue :frowning: Twitch chat keeps freezing and after a while it unfreezes. Any other suggestions ?

If your computer is not powerful enough it’s definitely possible that GIFs being spammed will cause it to slow to a crawl. This is why we have GIFs disabled by default.

Even with GIF’s disabled the chat still freezing and unfreezing or completely freezing and only refreshing the page let it work again.

I don’t think my PC isn’t powerful enough for the GIFs, tho I’m not sure. Here is a screenshot of the specs maybe it can help you some more.

EDIT: wanted to say with bettertv completely removed the twitch chat just works fine.

It could be some extension you have installed or it could just be something with your computer. Since I’m not able to reproduce this issue on my end there’s not much we can really do for you unfortunately.

Okay, thanks anyway for the help.

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