Tweet command short url shows old twitch title

When I use the tweet command $(twitch $(channel) "{{viewers}} viewers, {{views}} views, {{followers}} followers") , it functions as I would expect by inputting the text into the text box. Then you click on the Tweet button and are taken to the next page where you can click on the link to "View it on Twitter >."
This is where my expectation changes. The top of the tweet has the text above but it also has an image with the streamers logo, name, and title below the text. Problem is the title is from a very old tweet, why isn’t this changing to the current title?

Any help on this would be appreciative!


This is due to Twitter’s Card Caching, read the header “Refreshing a Card in a Tweet” for ways to make twitter get brand new text.

I see a lot of blah, blah, blah in that section… haha
I am a mod for a couple streamers, so do they need to do this stuff? Or can I do it for them? Even then I’m not sure I understand completely, being that it is a tweet commands short url… I don’t even see the short url to edit it via the command.

I actually got it to update using the link and clicking the Preview Card button after filling in the card url from twitter.

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