TTV name change. now nightbot wont work

can I get some help fixing nightbot in my chat. I changed my twitch username and logged back into nightbot with the new name. now my timers wont fire and nightbot wont respond in chat

Try logging back into nightbot in incognito mode.

I’m logged in now as my current twitch name. it just wont fire the commands

yes, and nightbot doesn’t know your name changed. You have to sign out and sign in to update it.

Ok I tried. nothing. do I need to be LIVE on twitch for it to work?

I need help with the same issue, I logged out of Nightbot and back in and it shows im logged in via my new name, however commands are still not working in my chat and it shows Nightbot as an admin in my viewer list

I figured it out! Log out, log back in, top right corner click “part channel”, then click “join channel”. Should fix it, but to be safe type (/mod nightbot) in twitch chat. Hope yours starts working like mine did!

Perfect! It worked, thank you very much!

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