Trying to make specific command

Hello, I’m a mod for someone and currently do most of their nightbot commands.

They came to me asking if I could make a command where the first user to type !first has the message “Congrats you are first” display then anyone else who types that same command for the stream has the message “Better luck next time appear” for the remainder of it.

I’ve been searching out how to do this but so far have had no luck since this is a bit over my head and don’t know if this is possible. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

@Crowky Heya

Well, I think it’s possible. Check this out.

!addcom -cd=5 !first $(eval if ( $(count) == 1 ) { `Congrats you are first` } else { `Better luck next time appear` })

It found some issue let me know

Limitation: The owner of the stream, or the admin of that stream, must go to Dashboard to reset the counter after the stream ends.

Ugh. Please ignore my English.


Thanks so much tested the command and everything works perfectly!

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