Trying to add a !me command

Im trying to create a command that just says random things about the user but it keeps saying “User is not defined.”


Are you perhaps using an $(eval) variable? You have to create a variable called ‘user’ (JavaScript is the scripting language used in $(eval). In the context of JS this is a string variable, not the $(user) variable for Nightbot) and store the command user’s name in it. For example:

$(eval user = `$(user)`; user + ` is feeling a bit under the weather today.`)

Or just directly stick the $(user) variable in the output message:

$(eval `$(user) is feeling a bit under the weather today.`)

How would I go about creating a bunch of random responses?

Create an array of responses then pick one response at random:

$(eval responses = [`response 1`,`response 2`,`response 3`,`etc`]; responses[Math.floor(Math.random()*responses.length)])

You can add more responses. Just make sure each response is separated by commas and bounded by backticks.

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