Troubles with Spotify since new Nightbot


since the upgrade of the Nightbot I’m experiencing troubles with playing songs from Spotify.
Every time a new song starts, I need to click start manually. Also, it regularly stops halfway the song or plays the same songs multiple times.

I’ve tried to reinstall Spotify, tried to reinstall Nightbot, also deactivated any Chrome-extension that could possibly block the communication between both apps and in Spotify is the ‘Play from the web’-box checked. So… I’m kinda out of options here :slight_smile:

Anyone with a similar problem and maybe a solution to it? It’s very annoying to spend more time on your music than on your viewers or game :frowning:

Thank you in advance!


If you are using Spotify but not with Nightbot’s AutoDJ system (and have [or had] the app opened to the AutoDJ page), then it’s possible the AutoDJ page is pausing Spotify because it shouldn’t be playing. In that case, try quitting the Nightbot app to see if the issue stops. If the issue continues, then it is unrelated to Nightbot.

Also, it regularly stops halfway the song or plays the same songs multiple times.

Disable the repeat on spotify as I also ran into this problem. That might solve the a majority of your problems.

Thank you, I’ll see what the setting are and try that!

I actually never use Spotify on my PC unless it’s for streaming, so I think the issue must have another cause.

Unfortunately the problem is not solved yet. I was thinking… My list contains both YouTube & Spotify songs, could the problem start here? Although, whenever 2 Spotify-tracks are supposed to be played one after the other, they also don’t start automatically.

The songs do not stop halfway anymore (Thank you Aaron!) but they don’t start automatically, which makes me click ‘Play’ every time again…

Do you have crossfading enabled in Spotify? Perhaps that’s the issue. Otherwise, it works perfectly for me so I couldn’t be sure why it doesn’t for you. In reality the implementation for Spotify is incredibly hacky and unsupported by Spotify, so I am not at all surprised it is so problematic. I would recommend not using Spotify if it’s not working for you.

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