Transparent background on full fledge emote?

Hi there!
I got an emote rejected today because of the lack of transparent background. I understand this is part of the rules and all, but how does this apply to emotes that take up alot if not a major part of canvas? For example, a lot of my chat’s favorite emotes are the full size face zoom ones (hence why I tried to upload one as such) .

Is there a more explicit rulling on this, is there any way to post completely zoomed emotes?

Thanks in advance!

Hiya, zoomed in emotes are fine, we just ask to remove all backgrounds (unless it proves necessary). In your case I believe it was the bottom right corner, after removal the emote should be fine.

Alright I see it now :smiley: I have reuploaded my emotes and hopefully these will make it through :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the swift answer

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