Translation Limit

I tend to watch foreign streamers from time to time, and translating chat with the integrated translator became a habit after some time. I notice recently that whenever I request a translation, I receive a message saying “You can only request 1 translation per 5 mins.” I’m just wondering what the reasoning for this limit is, and if there’s any way to change this.

From what I understood about it, the translation client that was used back in the day (~6 months) was free and worked well for the most part. But the translation client decided to monetize it, charging a fee for its use. Because of this there are limit restrictions on how often you can translate as keeping with the new standards. With the limit being 1 translation per 5 minutes and 5 translations per 24 hours. Currently there is no way to change this limit. In the future expect a way to remove this limit. Hope this helps.

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