Transactions Lost

Today, July 12th, at 1:30AM all transaction data was purged from the database was purged, but most is now restored. This was not intentional, but due to some database issues encountered it is best to just start fresh (more details below for those inclined) rather than trying to recover what I can 6 hours of transactions became corrupted. This also marks the starting point for fees. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Technical details:
The old transactions were carried over to the new service originally using an import script when you first upgraded to Streamtip. This involved restructuring preexisting transactions in the database, rather than copying them to a new database. When I brought Streamtip up on the new server after migrating old users from Stream Donations, it became evident that data was now very messy. I had written scripts that would sort out data when users first logged into Streamtip, but hours later it became evident that these migration scripts were not functioning post-servermove. I worked to try and convert all of these transactions to the new format, and overwrote already upgraded transactions by mistake. Doing this caused multitudes of data to be misrepresented in the database. In addition, I had not yet setup backups on the new server (a truly “*** ME” moment since I had not realized this earlier). My earlier backups are therefore from 6 hours ago. So, instead of making everyone lose 6 hours of transactions and waste more time attempting to correctly sort through mix-mashed data, I’ve decided to discard the old transactions and promise myself never to mix old and new data in the same collection again. Going forward, I’ll also be setting up a more thorough test environment to be able to prevent issues like this from happening.

I managed to import all old non-manual transactions from Stream Donations. Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done for the 6 hour time block where no backups were taken. Backups are indeed now running as they should be, so this shouldn’t happen again. I apologize for the “bumpy” transition to Streamtip thus far.