Total donation from 1 person

Is it an easy way for me to see how much a certan person has in donated total? (I know I can see like top 5 stacking of all time)

because the way Im doing now is pretty hard (going on streamtip’s page and plussing it all togheter)

Yours truly


On your tips page is a search box. If you type of the user’s name into it, it will add up all of their contributions within the date range you’ve selected and give you a graph and a total.

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Hmm, when I type in the user’s name into it, I get a list of what they’ve donated. (this is what I do, and I have to plus them alltogheter, which is alot for some of them)

and the graph dont show how much that specific person has donated, it shows how much I’ve gotten TOTAL that day :frowning:
Is it something that Im missing? :confused:

All help is appreciated


As was stated, you need to select a date range at the top of the page too.

Even when selecting a Date Range, I’m having the same result as Taperen, in which the graph still shows “all tips” and the search results show just for the user searched.

Thanks. This issue should now be resolved.

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