Top Tip seems to reset after each start

Hello, whenever I reset the program it seems to clear my Top Tip. I have ALL 3 boxes unchecked to reset during startup so I know this is not the issue.

Could you try the alpha please Night has suggested this before for this issue I think.

whats the difference between the one I have and this one?

this one is a alpha build.

Same problem here, all boxes unchecked, and it still resets… Also using the Alpha6 build.

gonna have to wait till a DEV swings in here then because mine isn’t doing this. Did you remove everything from the previous version? Uninstalled and removed from appdata?

Did anyone get a real answer to this? This is happening to me too.

a real answer? I gave a troubleshooting step. the more info given will allow DEVS when they are free to look into it better. Troubleshooting steps are hard with little to no info is given.

I also remember Night saying that it was currently a bug but he told that user to install the newest alpha.

Use the new Streamtip Alerter from the downloads page.

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