Top Tip Broken?

Hi there, it seems like the Top Tip feature isn’t functioning correctly anymore. I use Empty on Open for it so I can close the program every day to get a Top Donation of the Day listed, but lately it’s not writing anything to the text file unless I uncheck Empty on Open for Top Tip, but then it’s got top of the month which at this point I don’t need.
Couldn’t these be two separate entries? It seems like this functionality would be better suited for separate files rather than the way it is now. Suppose I wanted to utilize both?

Anyway, is this a known issue? I’ve tried reinstalling and deleting AppData for it, but nothing seems to change it so I assume it’s a bug in the new version?

Please help!

I’m not sure I see the problem. Checking the box means it will clear the file on open. Unchecking the box means it will pull the top tip (for the month).

It used to function in a way that allowed me to open Streamtip Alerter, and the biggest donation that I received from then until when I closed and then reopened it would appear in the tip-top.txt file.
Now when I have it open and donations come in, nothing gets put in the file at all. Only when I uncheck Empty on Open will it put text in there.

It used to pull from only the donations I had since opening the program, and not change until Empty on Open took effect.

This is the main functionality I’m looking for as I have no other way to have Top Donation of the Day listed other than manually entering the text.

The three other text files work normally.

Any updates? Hoping to have it working like it used to as soon as possible.

Having more customizability in what tips get output is a well requested feature. We are working on a one-size-fits-all solution, but there is not an ETA at this time.

Well I’m not looking for extra features, I just want this one to work the way it did before. Where Top Tip updates in real time and not just based on monthly history.

This worked fine in the previous version.

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Same here - I prefer it just to leave the most recent tip in there - ignore the ‘month’ please. All it means is that for now, when i start up the app, the ‘Top Donator’ txt is blank. I just want it to stay there until it’s overwritten by another donation, not because a month has passed…

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