Top Donation Updating with additional Donations?

With the current stream tip setup I do not see an option to have the top donor updated when they donate again.

Donor # 1 donates $5 and is now Top Donor
Donor # 2 donates $10 and is now Top Donor
Donor #1 donates $10 and is now Recent Donor but not Top Donor when he not only Matched the Top Donor but total donation for the day is 15 vs 10.

Are there anyway that this can be updated to function a bit better? Many viewers who are donating in more than single donations are not getting updated and their time to shine in the light! Kappa

Serious question tho.

This has already been requested: StreamTip combining donations from same donators

Thanks Night, that seems to be the same request, sorry about requesting it again.

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