Too many characters for nightbot but not on page source

EDIT: SOLVED to anyone experiencing this problem in the future it was INDEED the hosting site. I ended up finding a hosting site that did not add extra code

I’m trying to test out an API I’ve been writing. I have been starting with something fairly simple just to see if I can get something to work. I create a document called hello.php which only contains the text: Hello. I then create a command called !hello with the message $(urlfetch I then call the command in my chat and nightbot responsed with: [Response must be less than 400 characters].
Does anyone know what’s happening? The only thing I think might be happening is that the free hosting site is adding some hidden code but the page source suggests that it remains untampered with.
I started on a separate hosting site and it did indeed return something. Unfortunately the hosting site was adding script to the file and thus nightbot returned: hello *** type=“text/javascript” src=“”>

Yup, alot of those free hosting add code to your page, so only thing I can advice is switch hosting again.

Can anyone suggest a free PHP hosting site that will work?

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