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!title and the emote spam filter don't work anymore (YouTube)

Hey there,

since around 3-4 months Nightbot doesn’t seem to catch Emote Spams and the Stream Title on YT Chats anymore.
It worked pretty well before so we initially thought its just a bug during one stream. But it hasn’t fixed after many streams.
It only catches non (paid) Member Emotes.

We tried to part and reenter him to the Stream but it sadly didn’t fix either.
We also asked the owner to relogin to the Nightbot Dashboard, but still nothing.
With !title it responds with @Bomber → The channel isn’t currently live, so there isn’t a title.
even tho the Stream is live and all other Commands work well.
(This is about a channel that I don’t own)

Any Ideas on what we can do to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Bomber!

Is the stream a 24/7 one by any chance? That could explain the !title error.

Hey @Emily

nope the Streamer streams between 2-4h (not even daily).


sorry I really need a fix for this.

Yeah, I don’t really know what may be the issue here… You seem to have tried everything to fix it.
Regarding the emotes filter it might be the intended behavior, I don’t really know how the bot behaves on YouTube.
For your !title command, the only last thing I can think of is that you could have a !title custom command overriding the default one.