Tip-top not in file

So when I upgraded to the beta and was setting everything up to get ready for my stream I was putting in new text files. My “Top Donator” notepad file is not located in the folder. Is it possible for me to just create one and it will work with the program? Or do I need to uninstall>reinstall and try to get the folder again? Thanks for the help in advanced!


The files are automatically created when you get tips. You can send your self a test donation, while the app is running, and it should create to files…

I keep sending myself test tips , but it never registers a “top” donor , and even tho i have it not set to clear text files on open , it still clear them all , just letting you know for feedback , i know its still in testing , but a fix would be greatly appreciated .

for me the way the top donor file updates , was for me to clear out my entire “tip list” on the site , bc i guess the top tip searches the data overall and sees if its the highest ever gotten , not just that time starting the program , like the old tracker

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