Tip page stuck on "waiting for payment"

One of my viewers on Twitch tried to donate to me (he has used streamtip before, so he knew what he was doing :smile:) and the tip screen allowed him to enter all the pertinent info and then got stuck on the “waiting for payment” pop up. He tried to do it again and then the system told him “You are sending tips too quickly”.

I checked my account and his tip definitely didn’t go through.


Bitcoin transactions can take a long time to process using our current payment processor Blockchain.info. It will eventually complete, but could take an hour or more.

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Thanks, do you know if the time it takes to process will improve any time soon? I know viewers like being able to see their donations pop up in a timely manner :slight_smile:

We are working to replace the current payment processor (among a lot of other things) in a future update, but there’s not an ETA at this time of when this will be pushed out.