Tip-List combining

I was setting some stuff up for a large stream I am going to be doing soon, and was wondering how I can get the tip-list to separate so they look more clean. I can’t seem to get any luck playing around with it and was hoping for some help. Thank you very much. (Ex. 1. Person 1 (note)2. Person2 (note))

The formatting page of the settings defines templates for each text file.

For the tip list formatting, the following:

"({{count}}). {{username}}: {{amount}}, "

would give you

"(1). jack: $100, (2). jill: $100 "

Thank you very much. This fixed my problem. And also if anyone else is having this problem, in obs make sure to disable warp if you are displaying the tip list. Thank you again night.

Is there anyway to have the count in amount order from highest to lowest?

That would be counting backwards, as the order is from most recent to less recent and highest amount to lowest amount.

That makes no sense, the {{count}} simply shows what number donator you are no? ie 1st, 2nd, 3rd donator.

  1. £5
  2. £25
  3. £30
  4. £2

I am looking to have that count in amount donated order from highest to lowest.

  1. £25
  2. £20
  3. £5
  4. £2

If someone was now to donate £30, they would show as 1.

If you check the Streamtip folder that holds the text files, you’d see a “tip-list-top.txt” that does what you wish already.

Ah I had no idea this file existed!
Problem is I only want the {{count}} for this list and not tip-list-recent.txt

Can you add another box for us to configure the formatting for tip-list-top.txt as well?

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