Tip Alert works with test tip but not a real one

I cannot get Tip Alert to display when I get a donation. I have checked the token/api to use with streamtip and have also checked the streamtip site to make sure I filled it out correctly. The correct email is being used. When I add a tip manually, it works on stream. When I get a real tip, I get the notification from paypal but even the streamtip site does not show the tip in the list. The email I am using for paypal is verified but it is not the primary address. Does that matter? It is my stream email address that I added to my existing paypal account. My paypal account is Premier.

Please make sure your home page is using the link for streamtip, and not a direct paypal or other tip service.

Hi I received another tip last night and it now shows up in streamtip dashboard. I did not receive an alert using Tip Alert. When I do a preview and add a tip through the stream tip website, it works. What else can I try?

Then it appears it is working normally. Sometimes there can be flukes where you computer loses connectivity to our server. There’s nothing we can do when that happens.