Tip alert not working

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The alerter app is not needed for the visual alert popup. Are you viewing the generated link in a web browser or in OBS preview?

I am looking at the generated link. I can type the test and it comes up but when I go to make a manual donation, nothing comes up AT ALL.

BTW - I use XSplit

Recreate the link, and make sure you enter the API info exactly correct. Making sure there is no added white space, or other characters.

I’ve tried 3 times, not working.

Try resetting your API info, then recreate the link.

I am having the very same issue. I’m also an XSplit user.

EVERYTHING is working fine on the back end. Tips/donations are showing on the log as well as the Streamtip Alerter, but they do not trigger visual or audio alerts in the green screen browser window.

The old system worked fine, but after making the forced switch today I’ve been totally unable to have my alerts show up on my stream.

Please respond with a solution or suggestions. I’m a very big fan of this program and hope to get this working soon.

I’ve tried everything I can imagine. I recreated the links about a dozen times. I’ve reset my API Token several times as well.

The donation simply does not show up in the green screen window…

Help please! This is driving me nuts.

Problem solved! It was so easy too. Now I feel a bit stupid.

In the past NightDev wanted the channel name. Now it wants the ID number. I didn’t realize that and kept making the same mistake over and over.

I’m glad I manged to finally realize what I was doing wrong.

I feel so dumb, but I have the same issue. Where did you find your Client ID?

You can find your client id and access token in your account settings: http://streamtip.com/account

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