Timezone Requests

I was wondering where the nightbot pulls its source for timezones. If it is feasible, I think it would be more than reasonable to make the 3 letter codex standard. There is already UTC, EST, NZ, and MST and weird random others (weird and random cause I dont understand them. Explaining would help). Would it not be easier to follow https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/ with the offsets as a secondary list?

Is there any possibility of that being implemented or is this a lost cause?

Here is the list of supported timezones: https://docs.nightbot.tv/commands/variables/time#timezones

You could use Nightbot’s eval variable to convert between your timezone format and Nightbot’s.

I know of the timezone list. I’ve seen the list (It’s a mess). I’ve used it before, thus why I’m asking “why on Earth you have such long timezone codes” thus forcing users to make eval script for viewers/followers to use time commands easily?

Would it not make sense to use the standard 3-5 key codex (EST, PST, MST, GMT, AEST) instead of the extended format and random ones y’all have in there (US/Eastern which is the same as EST5EDT and EST depending on the time of year, why so many)? Most people know their code. Why not make it easy on everyone? Maybe there’s a reason that could be explained. Curious.

The reason is that Nightbot uses moment.js to compute time, and those timezones are the ones used by moment.js.

Thanks. Read into it later and will report back. It’s 12AM.:flushed:

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