Timestamp or clip it command

I know this will have been asked 100 times more than likely. is there a way to set !clip to either clip a moment from the current stream or atleast timestamp it for me to go back and highlight later when stream has ended? I already have a !uptime command which posts the current time the stream has been live therefore is it possible to have it retain the time the command is entered into a list?

Heya! Twitch added an endpoint to create clips through their API, I haven’t tested this out yet, but if it works smoothly I might add an custom command API for that. Or maybe this could be integrated to Nightbot?

For now your second option is possible, please see here: [CustomAPI] Quote system. This is a system to manage quotes, but could be easily used to save a list of teimstamps, just change the command names to the onces you would like. There are a few examples in the comments on how to integrate timestamps in there.

I haven’t looked at the API yet, but I’m guessing it’s a user command, as the clip has to be saved under someone’s name? If a custom command was made, should it use a global account? Allow the channel to provide its own api key? It’s not clear what the best way to go is.

I made a web app that generates !clip commands:


Just enter the channel name and click “Login with Twitch”. You will be asked to sign in so that the app can get an access token to create clips using your account. The app will then fetch the channel ID for the channel you entered, and then you will see your command.

You can add the command through the Nightbot web interface, or you can click the link below the command to automatically add it to your Nightbot account with the name !clip. Adding the command through chat is not recommended, because it contains an access token that anyone can use to create clips on your behalf.


I’ve tried this but everytime i clip i get the same error “Something went wrong: We couldn’t find that clip”

What’s the channel? I can come and take a look if you want. It’s working every time for me.

twitch.tv/zzevra i can go live now if you’d like.

As far as I’m aware, you can create clips using the new Twitch API, but it doesn’t work properly if you then don’t go and give the clip a name via the url it gives you, it deletes it pretty quick.

I have unnamed clips created through the clips API from over 4 days ago that still exist.

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