Timestamp 12/24h format - How to change?

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My timestamps seem to be in 12h format but my browser is set to ‘Danish’ (Chrome) and still won’t show up in 24h format.
I have read this topic about it but it didn’t bring me closer.

Is there a way to force timestamps to be how you want them? By either BBCode or something similar.

And of course I have tried restarting my browser, my computer. And I’ve even tried backing up my settings and reinstalling BetterTTV.

Timestamps are controlled by Twitch and to my knowledge they only serve the 12-hour version. Sorry.

Thank you for responding.

As seen in the previous thread I mention it seems it’s managed by the locale of the browser.
Although the earlier topic is from 2015 shouldn’t it still be valid?

I am thinking of two reasons/possibilities:

  1. Twitch changed this since the earlier topic.
  2. I am having issues with the locale settings of my browser.

Do I need to talk to Twitch or does @night maybe have an answer for this? :slight_smile:
(Sorry to mention you if it’s inappropriate)

I found my answer on Github.
For anyone later having this issue / question, please visit this case on Github: twitch chat no longer in 24h timestamps

night commented on 5 Jul
we now rely on native twitch chat instead of rolling our own… twitch changes too quickly and chat kept breaking. for that reason this is no longer possible.

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