Timers using CustomAPI's

I have a timer on for my uptime command. It works perfectly. However, I also wanted my Nightbot to sporadically say a quote to my chat. I have the !quote function set up using a custom API and it works perfectly. So I set up a timer using my !quote function, however Nightbot only ever says $(querystring) due to the API on the !quote function. Anyone know how to fix this? Or is it not possible?


Make sure the command response for !quote is as follows:

$(urlfetch http://twitch.center/customapi/quote?token=yourPublicToken&no_id=1)

Where yourPublicToken is your quote list’s public token (8 characters long).

In your timer settings, put !quote in the Alias field, then put $(query) in the Message field.

That seemed to work perfectly. Thank you @RokettoJanpu !!

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