Timers posting too often

I’m not sure why my timers are posting so much, and I am hoping someone can explain this to me.

I have 3 timers. I had a stream that started around 2:30, and this is what happened:
-Timer 1: Set to 47 mins, 4 lines. Went off at 2:47 and 3:01
-Timer 2: Set to 59 mins, 7 lines. Went off at 2:59 and 3:00
-Timer 3: Set to 51 mins, 6 lines. Went off at 2:51 and 3:02

I understand why the first one went off, but why did each of these go off a second time? I disabled them after this because it was annoying, but I want to understand why they are going off so close together?


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