Timers not working

Just happened today. I was streaming yesterday and they all worked perfectly fine. Now all of them magically do not work at all. Help?

same here, youtube timers completely off

yup. I’m on YouTube as well. everything else works fine just not timers.

Same for me, just happen today, and just for timers

still no change. removed as moderator, readded, parted the channel, rejoined - no change. + spam filters not working

Same for me in the last week, no changes or updates. Timers won’t work on Youtube or Twitch :frowning:

I’m having the same problems with my YT chat nightbot account. No timers registering…

How to fix it?

my timers anit working on my live stream can anyone help

Any update on this? Going live in a few and would love to know I can get the timers working again.

still nothing… i got an extensive setup on timers for my 24/7 streams and it’s one of the most important nightbot features for me

Hey I just got done streaming my timers didn’t work the whole time we have a fix for this yet or no, my moderators would love to have the bot working and I’m trying to help them get a answer on if I can do anything about this or if it’s a dev problem that we have to wait to get fixed

Let me also confirm this issue. I can’t say if it was since 4 days ago about since then ALL timers are NOT working. Other Nightbot features such as Commands work fine.

My timers are now working. I did nothing to fix this. Glad it fixed itself since there was no help here.

не работают таймеры найтбота уже 2-й день

Same on my end. Watching topic :wink:

The same problem for me

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