Timers not working still

It appears Timers are not working, I have been keeping an eye on them and while the conditions set in the timer are met, none of them show up…

Please fix this.

Try reducing the lines requirement to something more obtainable, like 2.

Hey… and thanks for responding…

It’s at 2 lines right now. I kept an eye on the timers and they should have triggered… I actually set them at every 10 minutes with 2 lines (which as I understand is 2 lines per 5 minutes) and with plenty of chat the timer did not trigger…

After a 7 hour stream and many thousands of lines of chat, can confirm my timers did not go off either. Not once. Tried making Nightbot part and join channel part way through, to no avail. Other commands working fine.

Unfortunately our Nightbot logs disagree with you guys. Logs are reporting that all timers are executing properly. If timers do not execute then it’s likely because you’re not surpassing the line limitation 5 minutes before they execute. Remember that timers execute on a line requirement resolution of 5 minutes. This means within the 5 minutes before a timer executes you must have surpassed the line requirement. If there’s not much chat activity, it doesn’t make sense for Nightbot to post a timer message.

Well according to nightbots logs 1600 lines of chat happened in my 6 hour stream. I have the timers set to 8 lines I believe. I find it mathematically difficult for it to have never gone off the entire stream. When it used to go off regular as clockwork, on much quieter streams.


My chatlog clearly shows at three (and two) chatlines within 5 minutes of a timer trigger it does not go off. I kept an eye on that and have the actual time in the chat.

I have a few timers I would really like to see go off regardless and I could disable them myself (manually) if not … My channel and chat is not that busy, but with 27 people in chat at some time during my session today I have not seen one timer go off.

An option to have the chatlines counted in 10 instead of 5 minutes before the trigger may help here…

After further investigation, it would appear that timers were executing properly but were not being routed properly to Twitch/YTG due to a recent change on our internal API. I have patched this and issues should no longer occur.

Edit: I should note that any timers which were running commercials were not affected by this. Timers were executing but any response was not being sent properly to be printed to chat.

Cool… I’ll check on stream tomorrow… As always, they support is great… Do you guys take donations btw… I really want to contribute to the project if I can…

Yay! now I feel like I’ve helped smug

If you like Nightbot and want to support it financially I’d suggest subscribing to Nightbot Pro when it releases soon. That way you’ll get extra functionality too. If you just want to send a one-off tip, however, you can send it to https://streamtip.com/t/night

Nightbot pro sounds like a plan… in the meantime, threw you a little pork-chop :wink:

All was fine on stream today… was on for over 10 hours so had a good chance to test :smiley: … tx

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