Timers not properly using variables

I searched around a bit and couldn’t find anything, and have tested as many different ways as I can think of to no avail. Essentially, it seems as though when you use the Alias field in a timer and then put your “input” for the command in the messaged field, the message field is passed to the alias as plain text, none of the variables are used as they are in a normal command alias.

In the future, it is best if you have some test commands and test timers so that we can quickly test to reproduce your issue or possibly see the problem immediately. That being said i have reproduced your issue with these simple commands.

!commands add !test Your query was: $(query)

The timer had the alias of !test and a message of: The test variable, my channel name: $(channel)

When nightbot ran the timer the output simply was: Your query was: The test variable, my channel name: $(channel)

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My apologies, I should have been more detailed in my report. Thank you for going through the trouble of testing and reporting the issue more accurately than I. I have to imagine that this is a bug, as the Wiki/documentation and the GUI all point to this being expected functionality, but I cannot find anyone else complaining about this same issue, which I find odd.

I have just tested this feature and I see no issues in its functionality. I’m just going to lay out everything that worked for me.

Command: !commands add !test The passed stuff is: $(touser)

In the timer:

The result:

If there is something different happening provide us with steps in order to reproduce this issue.


@Aaron128l Change Testerino to a var, for example $(channel), it will just output $(channel) as text.

Variables shouldn’t need to be in the message slot when using an Alias as they can be in the command itself.

Makes more sense to alias the command as:
My channel is $(channel)

Rather than doing
My channel is $(touser)
and passing the $(channel) in the message.

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